Simon and Violet in their Bangkok apartment

Simon and Violet in their Bangkok apartment

Simon and his wife Violet were expecting their first child when Simon’s jealous co-workers began to harass him and pressure him to convert to Islam. The more he refused, the more outraged they became.


One day the extremist co-workers followed Violet down the street and surrounded her, demanding her to convert to Islam. When she refused, they beat her with rifles, causing her to miscarry her baby.

Simon and Violet were devastated. But it only got worse. Simon was charged with blasphemy, which is punishable by death, and the same extremists proceeded to hunt him down and viciously beat him.

Simon and Violet were forced to hide with friends and family, until they could not bear the weight of impending danger. With no where else to go, they fled to Thailand. Sadly, the tragedy did not end there. In their hunt to find Simon, The extremists killed his mother.

Now Simon and Violet reside in Thailand, hoping to be resettled and grieving the loss of their child and mother.  However, thanks to Life Raft partners, Simon and Violet are not able to survive, but can also live a purpose-filled life while they are in Bangkok