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Sarah and Solomon

Back in Pakistan, Sarah was a teacher and Solomon was a banker.

 Zabar, the father of one of Sarah’s students, was the leader of a local group of extremist Muslims. One day, Zabar and a portion of his extremist group came to Sarah and Solomon’s house. Zabar accused Sarah of trying to convert his daughter to Christianity.

Zabar’s friends then grabbed Solomon, and Zabar proceeded savagely beat and assault Sarah in front of him. After finishing, Zabar promised to return and kill them both. Because the man was connected to other terrorist organizations in Pakistan, Sarah and Solomon knew that they would no longer be safe in Pakistan.

They were able to flee to Thailand, but their resources soon dried up, and they eventually had to pawn off their wedding rings. Additionally, last year, Sarah gave birth to their son, Michael. Although he is a welcome blessing, an answer to prayer, this has put increased pressure on them.