Samuel with his wife Norah and children Sarah and Seldon

Samuel with his wife Norah and children Sarah and Seldon

Samuel was a pastor of a church in Pakistan. His wife, Norah, was a mid-wife to members of their community. Their daughter, Sarah, taught Sunday school at the church.

Samuel’s extended family began to pressure them to convert to Islam, but they refused.

One day those family members and a group of extremists burst into their house and assaulted Norah and Sarah in front of their father and brother. They left the women lying on the floor and threatened to kill the entire family if they did not convert.

After another week, when Samuel still refused to convert, the men attacked their church and set it on fire. Then Samuel fled with his wife and children, climbing onto the roof-top and jumping over the back yard wall.

After they had escaped,  Samuel and Sarah were charged with the blasphemy, an offense punishable by death, for preaching and teaching Sunday school. After this, the whole family went into hiding until they were able to escape to Thailand.

They now they live in destitute conditions in Bangkok, sometimes going days without meals. Worse, the threat of being discovered by Thai police hung over their heads. However, they were able to connect with a member of a local church, Jo, who walked  with them on their journey, and helped them survive in Bangkok.

They have now been resettled!