Samantha talks with two volunteers in Bangkok

Back in Pakistan, Samantha’s boldness and intelligence caught the eye of an extremist male coworker. He repeatedly tried to force her to convert to Islam and marry him. In spite of her refusal he continued to aggressively pursue her. Together with a group of other extremists, he eventually kidnapped and attempted to rape her. She was able to escape, but just barely.

When her father reported this to the police they refused to help and told him that she was being accused of blasphemy, which carries a death sentence. Her father and a family friend took her to another province to save her life, but extremists were tracking her, and approached their taxi with guns and opened fire. The taxi was able to flee from the gunmen, but Samantha’s family realized that if she stayed in the country she would soon be kidnapped again or murdered. The only way to live was to leave.

Within days she was saying goodbye to all of her family. She arrived in Bangkok alone, with few resources and no place to go. However, thanks to Life Raft partners, Samantha is now not only able survive, but also can live a purpose-filled life while she is in Bangkok.