Saban and Fiona's daughter, Angelica

Saban and Fiona’s daughter, Angelica

Back in Pakistan, Saban was a lab technician, and Fiona was an ultrasound specialist. They married in 2012, and their daughter, Angelica, was born in Bangkok.


After losing his job as a medical technician because of his faith, Saban came together to with a few other doctors to open a new practice. He assumed that he would have more security, but eventually, Muslim extremists broke into his office, beat him, and tried to force him to convert to Islam.


Eventually, the extremists burned down the office, and tried to hunt down Saban and Fiona. They went into hiding, but each place they went, the extremists were able to use their terrorist network to find them.


Eventually, Saban and Fiona, who was eight months pregnant, were able to escape to Thailand, and Angelica was born soon afterwards.

With a new baby and no resources, Saban and Fiona struggled to survive. Things improved when they met a Life Raft advocate who connected them to Life Raft’s Safe House, but their resources are still very limited.