Nazir and Evelyn with their three children

In Pakistan, Nazir volunteered at a human rights organization that helped the vulnerable. One day, a young Muslim girl approached the organization asking for help to escape an arranged marriage to a much older man. When the girl’s parents learned that Nazir was trying to help her, they became enraged and accused Nazir (a Christian) of trying to forcibly convert their daughter. With the police and local clerics on their side, they threatened to kill Nazir and his family.

Nazir and Evelyn went into hiding with their children before fleeing to Thailand, leaving behind everything they had in Pakistan. In their first year in Thailand, they were exploited multiple times, and their children suffered from not being able to attend school. At one point they were down to their last $1.50.


However, Nazir and Evelyn were faithful members of a local church, and their members reached out to Life Raft when they heard about their need. Life Raft now partners with this church and a sponsor in America to enable them to not only survive, but live a purpose-filled life in Bangkok.