Gregg’s family

Back in Pakistan, George was a doctor, and his wife Samina was a nurse. George was an open, socially visible Christian, who worked to protect Christians from discrimination. Because of this activity, George began to be targeted by extremists. It started with threatening phone calls, but one day, extremists broke broke into his office, destroyed everything, and beat him terribly.

Later, a mob  came to their home, attacked their house and tried to burn it down. The family then went into hiding, and fled to Thailand as soon as they could.

In Thailand the money they had brought quickly depleted, and they were forced to live in a filthy apartment. We have since been able to move them into a Safe House where they live in community with four other families. Thanks to Life Raft advocates and supporters, George and his family had a place to live and food to eat every day, and their children were able to attend school again.

They were resettled in 2014!