Life Raft partners with churches in Bangkok, enabling individuals within the congregations to minister to a specific refugee family or individual. For every refugee we help, there is someone who knows them, and is walking alongside them in Bangkok. We currently have around 60 volunteers, and are ministering to almost 400 refugees.


We focus on three specific areas:

First, through our “Learn-Serve-Teach” program, we provide resources that enable refugees to obtain food and shelter. Most refugees in Bangkok live in hunger, and are on the verge of homelessness. Through this program, we enable them to obtain food and shelter.

Second, we provide educational resources. For refugee kids, it is almost impossible to attend public school. We provide scholarships for refugees to attend schools, and enable other families to homeschool. We also work with adults, helping them attend online seminary, or learn English, among other possibilities. Our goal is for each refugee we work with to either be learning or teaching in some capacity.

Finally, we visit the prison, bringing food, water and toiletries to the refugees there.