Photo for profileJaved, a husband and father of four, was a prominent Pakistani Christian in a Muslim community. One day local extremists confronted him, threatening to kill him if he did not convert to Islam. Within days of his refusal, he was attacked and beaten unconscious while riding his bike.

The extremists began to hunt down Javed’s family, attacking them repeatedly. The family realized that they would never be safe in Pakistan, so they sold their belongings and fled to Thailand to seek asylum.

In Bangkok, Javed’s family has overcome incredible hardships, and grown into one of our most exceptional families. They have impacted many lives in communities across Bangkok. Their kids are incredibly bright and eager to learn, and despite extraordinary challenges, have continued their studies here in Bangkok.

We feel so blessed to be able to partner with this family, as we seek to enable them to continue to touch lives in Bangkok.

Update: Two of Javed’s daughters were recently involved in a terrible car accident. Please click here to learn more.