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2016: A Look Back

Last spring, Ron and Miriam heard exciting news: The UN Refugee Agency was accelerating their appeal for refugee status. After fleeing persecution in Pakistan with their three children nearly five years ago, Ron and Miriam eagerly awaited the UN’s decision. They desperately hoped the UN would accept them, and help them find freedom in a […]

The Extended Honeymoon

Just three days into their married life, Mariam and Yusuf were forced to flee their home . Mariam’s older brother had been prominent in helping victims of the Gojra attacks in 2009. This enraged local Islamic extremists, and they targeted his entire family, specifically threatening to kill Yusuf and rape and murder Mariam. Mariam and Yusuf fled to Islamabad, Pakistan’s […]

Tragic Accident in Bangkok

Around 8:00 o’clock this morning, Tara and Karissa eagerly flagged down a motorbike taxi, asking to go to a nearby park where they would meet their father. As the girls and their motorbike driver were rounding the corner to turn onto Sukhumvit (the main road that runs through downtown Bangkok), a car suddenly crashed into […]

A look back at 5 years: Numbers and Highlights

About 5 years ago, my friend Mike and I had the idea of starting an organization that would enable ordinary people to transform refugees lives in Bangkok, Thailand. As I imagined the model in my head, I remember thinking that if people’s hearts opened to refugees, we could change the world. For the past 5 years, […]

A Reunion 5 Years in the Making

This morning, Jade and I were standing in a train station in Europe, eagerly waiting for Dilan, who was traveling three hours, one-way, just to see us. I had met Dilan 6 years ago, at my church in Bangkok. When my friends and I found out that Dilan and his wife were going to sell their […]

My Bar Exam Results, and What They Mean for Life Raft

Note: This is written by Chris Woodruff, our Executive Director. This Monday morning, I sat at the kitchen table, as I prepared to find out whether I had passed the bar exam or not. The night before, my heart had been under a lot of stress, but that was nothing compared to the toxic combination […]

The End of the Safe House

While we were in Bangkok, police raided the Safe House. Thanks to some quick thinking, the refugees who were there at the time were able to avoid arrest, and soon after, all the families fled.  It was a terrifying time for all of us.  Thankfully, all of our families are ok, and have since found […]

7 Things You Should Know About the Re-Persecuted

1. Who they are The re-persecuted are refugees who flee their home countries, usually because of their religious beliefs.  They escape the persecution in their home countries, only to be persecuted again when they arrive in Thailand.   2. Why they come to Thailand For many refugees, Thailand is the quickest, easiest country to escape […]

Why I Want to Go to Prison

(This post was written by Chris Woodruff, our executive director) This summer, while I was visiting Bangkok, I found myself in a dimly lit prison, looking through the holes of a chain link fence. I was there because my presence allowed for me to request that Vee come out of his cage for an hour, […]