Potential future projects:

Work in Prisons
Many of the repersecuted are imprisoned indefinitely at the International Detention Center. Access to these detainees is very restricted, but we are working towards gaining access, and want to help give those detained decent food and water. This is a project we are very passionate about, and we need as much help as we can get. If you are interested in getting involved, email Chris at Chris@liferaftinternational.org.

Visiting Teams
The families we work with have needs that visiting teams could help meet. We envision teams from abroad visiting on a consistent basis. Teams could offer medical help, food, skills training, counseling, and spiritual support.

Building a safe-house

Housing is an especially serious concern for Thai refugees. Members of ethnic minorities face systemic racism, making it harder to find landlords who will rent to them. Others struggle to pay rent. If evicted, their risk of being arrested skyrockets. We hope to create a permanent, safe home where families can live while they search for asylum.

Helping the re-persecuted find a permanent home
Our first priority is helping the repersecuted survive in Bangkok, but the next step is helping families find a country that will accept them. We hope to help the families through the legal process of finding a permanent home.

Expanding beyond Bangkok
The repersecuted are not limited to Bangkok. We envision expanding on the model we are using to reach the repersecuted in cities around the world.