Life Raft is based on a set of core values that informs everything we do.

1. The Power of Relationships

We believe that relationships are the most powerful, important thing in the world. By loving the marginalized, we can overcome the strength of the violent, the oppressors, and the persecutors.

It’s one thing to know that people in the world are hungry. It’s something entirely different to help feed individuals who worry every day for the future of their families, and that’s what we seek to do.

2. Crossing Cultures

We believe that by stepping outside our comfort zones, we can serve, shine, and grow in ways we never could have imagined. Life Raft creates opportunities for Westerners to cross cultural boundaries and serve some of the most vulnerable people on our planet.

3. Small-Picture Focus

Over 43 million people were forcibly displaced by the end of 2010. We focus on helping these refugees, one person and family at a time. We are called to help who we know and to love our neighbors. Life Raft seeks to open people’s eyes to all the neighbors around them that desperately need their help. By harnessing the power of relationships and encouraging cross-cultural friendships, we can change countless lives.


More than anything, we strive to have Jesus’s eye for the outcast. In Him, we see a man fighting the current of society, choosing to love the most hungry, desperate, and rejected people He could find. Our leadership puts its faith in everything this man did, striving to couple his care for the outcast with his spirit of abundant giving.